Learn More About Our Programs at Small World Learning Center

Your small child deserves the best daycare Littleton, CO has to offer and that’s exactly what the Small World Learning Center provides. For the last ten years, our family-operated business has housed a variety of early childhood education programs to cater to different age groups, creating balanced award-winning curriculums for your little loved one. It’s our mission to create an early learning center in Littleton, CO that keeps your child safe and allows them to learn and grow effectively! Get in touch with us today for a tour of our facility and learn more about each of our different child care programs.

Infant Daycare Program

When your child is about six weeks to one year old, the best place for them is our infant daycare program. At Small World Learning Center, we believe at this age your little boy or girl should be greeted every day with love, affection, and safe spaces for them to discover the world around them. Our early learning center in Littleton, CO helps promote your child’s growth and development with activities that encourage exploration, problem-solving, discovery, and language development. For a high-quality infant daycare in Littleton, look no further than our intuitively-designed program for children at this delicate age.

Young Toddler Daycare & Toddler Daycare

If your child is one to three years old, Small World Learning Center provides both a young toddler daycare and a toddler daycare to facilitate his or her education. The idea behind these programs is to slowly transition your child into a more structured daily classroom schedule, created and run by childcare professionals. Rest assured knowing each program is filled to the brim with age-appropriate learning activities, healthy meals that meet state requirements, and nurturing supervision. For the best daycare Littleton, CO has to offer, choose our toddler daycare and young toddler daycare programs — our staff will give your child the considerate attention he or she deserves. 

Preschool Program

For children who are three to four years old, our early learning center in Littleton, CO provides a high-quality preschool program. Our Small World Learning Center, designated as a Level 4 center by The Colorado Shine Center, helps boys and girls at this age get more used to the routines and environment of traditional school. Critical aspects of this preschool program involve introducing math concepts, language arts, and activities to establish fine and gross motor skills; in addition, enrolled children are given space to improve their social skills with peers and express their unique imaginations.

Pre-K Program

Small World Learning Center’s final award-winning curriculum, our pre-K program, is aimed at children aged four to five years. Designed as a more advanced version of our preschool program, this setting helps prepare young boys and girls for a successful elementary school career. More hands-on activities and individualized instruction are involved in building your child’s engagement and confidence, as well as supervised field trips to introduce real-world exposure. Our pre-K program also focuses on the implementation of learning triggers in order to promote discovery, such as open-ended questions and asking to have your child describe what he or she sees.

Tour Our Early Learning Center in Littleton, Colorado

Small World Learning Center is eager to help your young child learn at every single stage of his or her early life, from six weeks old to five years old. Our daycare in Littleton, CO is dedicated to creating safe, fun-filled environments for your children to learn about the world around them and to grow into happy, healthy elementary school kids. See our facility for yourself today by scheduling a tour!

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At Small World Learning Center, we put safety first to protect our families and staff. To learn more about enrollment and to schedule a tour, contact us online or call today.